Oncology Massage and Healing Arts Conversations

The benefits of oncology massage, reviewed and researched for as long as I have been working in cancer centers as a Massage Therapist, encourage us, as Massage Therapists, to become vital support team members. Research indicates the possibilities of helping with the side effects of cancer treatment when patients, staff and physicians recognize what massage can do throughout treatment. Just as important is engaging with survivors and asking them the question, “What hobby gives you peace and comfort in difficult times?”

During massage therapy encounters in a chemotherapy unit I often have conversations with individual patients in regards to their art or craft history; painting, pottery, knitting, scrap booking, music, jewelry making, weaving, dance and other healing arts that are equally important. These conversations allow us to share our creative endeavors and serve as distraction therapy during their chemotherapy treatment. A simple lesson on the mindfulness of creative arts helps patients to realize how important it is to maintain their interests during treatment. Engaging in art keeps our brains busy with good feelings. I share how my time at a pottery wheel or on a dance floor allows me to be in the moment to be fully present to the experience which I believe for me is as good as yoga or a sitting meditation. I love inspiring each patient to fully understand how their creative energies are truly healing for them. Their creative energies can be a source of comfort and control as they go through cancer treatment. The ability to be in the moment, can brings feelings of comfort and control. The feeling of joy increases while using their creative energies, which can temporarily decrease the anxiety of cancer treatment. The hopeful end result can be good feelings of determination and recovery.

In one recent conversation a new patient told me she use to paint but with three children and a new cancer diagnosis she doubts that she will have the time. I offered a simple idea of bringing a sketchbook to her treatments and using that time in chemotherapy to draw in the sketch book. She loved the idea and I hope to see the sketchbook filled with images of what is most important to her soon. Another patient sings professionally and it is the highlight of her week to sit at a local tiki booth and sing. During her treatment cycle she might not have the energy to set up her speakers or tear her equipment down. However, she does have a supportive husband who can be her one man crew, and with that help she can still sing to her heart’s content. Another patient shares her love of art and I share how much I love creating my pottery pieces and sharing photos of my work. Conversation about art and craft history, creative energies, and being in the moment make time spent with a patient fly for both of us. I always leave a few minutes for quiet massage after we share our passions with each other. Conversations and encouragement to continue an arts and craft hobby that centers us on what we are doing at the moment, helps patients realize the importance of being in that moment during cancer treatment. With massage therapy and conversation they smile with gratitude and continue the good fight. I always encourage the Massage Therapists that I train to understand the value of these conversations with their clients, as well as have creative moments of joy for themselves.

4 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Wellness Centre for Massage

Believe it or not, it has been proven that external pressure applied on the body especially in places where the muscles are stiff, the body tends to get back to normal without any medicinal help. The muscles in our body are known to hold up toxins and other acids that often get clotted in a single area depending on the level of strain the body encounters. Physical exertion is not always the reason behind such muscle aches, and stress can also lead to such problems.

Therefore, paying a visiting to a massage centre now and then or along with a doctor’s consent can be benefitting to the body rather than consuming pain killers that would simply suppress the pain for a particular time. A single session at a massage centre cannot guarantee effective results, and there are times when multiple sessions do the deal. While you look out for the right massage centre for yourself where you are to receive effective results, here are a few tips that can help you come to the right conclusion.

• Ask your acquaintances – Well, availing a massage is nothing to be ashamed of and therefore, there are numerous amongst your acquaintances that are likely to have availed similar massage therapies to get rid of pain from their body. While you approach them with queries, you are likely to come across names of numerous massage centres where you may get a few common names. You get to avail first-hand reviews from them where every detail right from the ambience to the qualifications of the therapists can be availed which can help you make the right choice.

• Check the local directories – The reason why we are focusing on local directories is that you get to zero on to the geographical location that you prefer. Opting for a wellness centre that is close to your workplace or house is something that is likely to make communications easy for you. You get to pay a visit whenever there is a need to instead of travelling far to avail a massage and get tired all over again when it comes to returning home.

• Browse the internet – Well, this too acts as a local directory where you get to filter your searches and also get to avail other facilities such as online reviews from those who have already availed therapies from the massage centre. These reviews matter a lot as it would allow you to make a choice on the right people and not waste your money on something that wasn’t worth it. You also get to visit the individual websites of these centres and accordingly get to know about the services they impart and the level of good results they can impart with.

• Contact them individually – While you contact them either by phone or e-mail, you get to assess a lot of things. You get to know about their promptness in answering to queries, their level of customer support and the details of the type of services they impart with. This allows you also to get to know about the qualifications of the masseuses, the kind of massage they would help you with and how it would help you recover from the pain that you face.

Alternative Medicine – Shiatsu Massage

The object of most massage is to relax and let stress melt away. In alternative medicine, shiatsu massage is actually used to align and balance the different meridians in the body, through specific pressure points. This practice of balancing the meridians makes it like acupuncture, but without needles. shiatsu is actually older than acupuncture.

A shiatsu massage differs from other types of massage in several ways. This type of massage originates in Japan. shiatsu actually means “finger pressure” in Japanese. The meridians that the shiatsu massage therapist focuses on are the pathways that bring energy, or “chi” into the body.

The massage is done on the floor, with the client lying on a mat or futon cushion. It is done fully clothed. The therapist does not use oil or lotions, so there is no need to take off your clothes to receive a shiatsu massage.

Unlike a traditional massage, the shiatsu massage therapist will ask the client to begin the massage lying on their back. They will then check the organs by pressing on them individually within the abdomen. While pressing, they are checking on the health and suppleness of the organs. The information they get from this analysis will instruct them on how to proceed with the massage.

After this evaluation is complete, the client will lie face down, while the shiatsu body work is done on the back of the body. The massage will usually end face up with a recheck of the organs. This will tell the therapist whether progress has been made, and indicate what to work on in the next session.

Although shiatsu means “finger pressure”, there are actually a variety of techniques used during a massage session. You may experience rocking of the body, rotation of the limbs, and stretching of the limbs and muscles.

So, the shiatsu massage therapist is working to help you be relaxed, yes. But, the main objective of the massage is to work within your body’s meridians to achieve balance and healing. Before beginning a career in shiatsu massage, the therapist will consult and memorize a meridian chart, which shows which body systems and organs are affected by certain meridians.

The main reason that this massage is done on the floor is that the shiatsu massage therapist will be using their whole body during the massage. This is in contrast to the average massage therapist, who uses a table and pressure from their hands to deliver the massage. It’s common for the therapist to use their elbows, feet, and pressure from the whole body to treat the client.

This traditional form of massage has been considered to be “medicine” for many years by different cultures. It is not covered under health insurance, and is not proven to have curative qualities under today’s definitions of modern medicine. So, it doesn’t have scientific proof, but has stood the test of time. Many people rely on it today, and will continue using it to balance their chi.

Everything You Need To Know About Shirodhara

Shirodhara is a part of Ayurveda therapy, which involves mildly pouring liquids above the forehead and it can be a part of the steps which are involved in Panchakarma. Shirodhara is derived from a Sanskrit word, ‘Shiro’ which means ‘Head’ and ‘Dhara’ which means ‘Flow’. The liquids which are used in the treatment of Shirodhara totally depend on the treatment you have chosen. Liquids that are used in Shirodhara are- coconut water, oil, butter, plain water, milk, or even buttermilk.

Shirodhara is widely used to treat different condition that can be- insomnia, eye disease, hear impairment, sinusitis, memory loss, vertigo, allergic rhinitis, Meniere’s disease, neurological disorders, graying of hair, tinnitus and different types of skin disorders such as Psoriasis. Shirodhara are also used at spas so that the customer can get relaxed.

These are some of the specialized versions of Shirodhara which is also known as-Thakradhara, Ksheeradhara, Jaladhara and Taidhara.

This treatment, which is a part of Panchakarma includes the complete decontamination of the body and abolishing the toxins presented on the head by lightly pouring the medicated liquid above the forehead.

Shirodhara is an astonishing, idiosyncratic body therapy from earlier mythology which is known as Ayurveda. Which means, the treatment that has been used will instantly or promptly relaxes, calms and has a purifying effect on the nerves and the mind of the person.

Shirodhara is the best therapy for a compromised nervous system. Shirodhara helps to mitigate the symptoms of stress, hypertension, anxiety and fatigue. It also mitigates fear, worry, headache and tension along with the depression. Shirodhara synchronize your mood and provide the feeling of relaxation and pleasure.

The most common issue that is faced by people throughout the world is ‘Hair Loss’. Hair loss ascribed due to stressful and hectic lifestyle. Surplus consumption of junk food and intake of food which lacks vitamins, nutrients and minerals also leads to hair loss. According to the research of Ayurveda, excess amount of Toxins and Pitta Dosha in the body can also lead to hair loss. The origin of Pitta Dosha can be categorized as given below-

* Intake of fried food, oily food, meat and spicy food.
* High consumption of tea, coffee and alcohol
* Excess of smoking
* Consumption of high quantity of medicines
* Stress
* Anemia
* Anxiety
* Chronic diseases
* Imbalance of hormones

According to the research of Ayurveda, the important elements that will help you to regulate hair loss are-

1. Body type
2. Stability of the regs of the mind-body

These were some of the basic information regarding Shirodhara. At different spas while providing Shirodhara therapy they generally use table so the customer do not get pissed off.

How Can Weightlifters Benefit From a Remedial Massage?

Weightlifters can actually benefit a lot by turning to massage therapy on a regular basis. A fulfilling therapy can alleviate physical pain. This attribute of the therapy itself can benefit a weightlifter significantly. Most of us are aware of the fact that even a few minutes of massage can offer us relief from excruciating physical pain. However, not many of us are aware of the fact that it can also help us reduce the risk of potential injury.

If you are into weightlifting you shouldn’t deprive yourself of the plethora of benefits that remedial massage has to offer you. In fact, your trainer himself will advise you the same. Till then, let’s explore its benefits right here!

Sports massage primarily targets your body’s internal tissues. This therapy seeks to bolster the functioning of these tissues by helping blood circulation and circulation of the nutrients consumed by our bodies. Various types of strokes are employed to gently flush out toxins from your body. Here are further details.

It helps in pain reduction

Any kind of major or minor injury to weightlifters can turn out to be fatal if left unattended for long. The key is to address the pain as soon as possible. Remedial massage can minimise muscular pain engendered either by injury or overwork. The lifter’s performance is quite obviously dependent on the kind of pain he is feeling. The less pain he or she experiences the better he or she is poised to perform and vice versa. While your body pain signals that something is wrong, be sure that your doctor will recommend this therapy as part of the treatment.

Bolsters Circulation

As has already been mentioned above, it can shore up circulation – which is very important for proper movement of your body. Heavy training cycles are often responsible for causing microscopic damage or micro-trauma to the facial tissues and muscles. This damage can only be cured with the help of improved blood flow. It accelerates blood flow of the lifter. As such, the athlete is in a position to perform better, completely unhindered by pain.

Loosens up Tight Muscles

Massage therapy also helps the muscles to loosen up. Tight muscles are an obstacle in direction of the blood flow. These muscles also hinder the removal of metabolites. Strength adaptation occurs during the recovery phase of training. Tight muscles work as a huge impediment as far as the proper functioning of the nutrients is concerned. Nutrients are required to rebuild the tissues that have broken down. Tight muscles impede blood flow during the recovery phase – which, in turn, hinders progress.

It Offers Relaxation

Weightlifters are often associated with rigid – sort of hard-driving vibes – that reflect on their inability to relax. In such a scenario if the weightlifter chooses to go for a deep tissue massage every week then he can not only keep his muscles healthy but also maintain a steady state of relaxation. At times, the right touch might reveal those micro-injuries that aren’t bothering you now but may do so in future.

Full Body Massage

A Full Body Massage Is One Of The Simple Ways To Relax You

Choosing what kind of massage is best for you is not generally a simple undertaking. Typically, massage specialists will either concentrate on a focused or full body massage. It is good for you to select one of the best massage therapies for you as per your own needs. Many of peoples like to get full body massage service for them.

Directed treatments concentrate on a particular piece of the body that needs rubbing. We frequently call these ranges trigger focuses. When they are massaged legitimately they discharge any developed bunches in your muscles that have been activating distress and agony in different ranges of the body. Be that as it may, massages are not done exclusively for agony alleviation. Reflexology is the demonstration of massage for focusing on particular zones on your body to help in directing your body frameworks.

This kind of massage is not for diminishing torment, but rather to make your whole body more advantageous from the back to front. Another focused on massage treatment strategy concentrates on the cranial sacral region of your body. This alludes to your head and neck. It is best in mending TMJD, cerebral pains, and back and neck torment. Directed massage treatment is ideal for anybody with a particular range of distress.

When we generally envision massages, the vast majority picture full body massage systems. A Swedish massage is an exceptionally mainstream treatment system that includes rubbing the profound tissues in your body. This guides in discharging any metabolic develop and tight muscles that might distress you. It additionally realigns your whole skeletal framework and enhances your general portability. Competitors are exceptionally normal with another sort of full body massage called sports massages. This treatment procedure discharges metabolic develop and tight muscles, while enhancing your level of portability by re-adjusting your skeletal framework.

It is much similar to a Swedish massage; however it is equipped more towards competitors or extremely dynamic individuals. The last sort of full body massage treatment is what is outfitted towards particular conditions. For instance, pre-birth and geriatric customers can get massages that are composed only for them. These massages are exceptionally delicate. They concentrate on delicately discharging metabolic develop and tight muscles, while likewise tenderly realigning the customer’s skeletal framework. A definitive objective as a primary concern is to enhance the pre-birth or geriatric customer’s general versatility.

So how would you pick between focused or full body massage treatments? Decide whether you are concentrating on the general health that a full body massage offers, or on the off chance that you are essentially hoping to revise an area of incessant torment or a particular condition that is significantly affecting your life. Particular locales of your body are regularly better treated through a system like reflexology. On the off chance that you are as yet uncertain about which treatment procedure is best for you, then stop into your nearby massage parlour and address a specialist. He or she ought to have the capacity to figure out which procedure will be best for you.

Listen To Your Body Before Visiting a Massage Center

In today’s stressful and restless lives, it is becoming necessary for everyone to go for a soothing and refreshing body massage at least once in a month. The body massage involves gentle pressing, rubbing and patting of various parts of the body that revitalize your body and nurtures your energy levels. Perhaps, a body massage is just to relieve the pain and give some rest to our restless body. A good and soothing massage would re-energize your body and mind. Many prefer to go for a massage if they have some sort of pains or aches; however, a message in times of stress and restless periods also renders a good amount of benefits.

As massage act as a therapy and resolves many bodily issues, it is always advisable to understand your body metabolism and needs before resorting to a massage. Perhaps understanding your bodily needs would enrich the fruits of the therapy massage further. Here, we are enlisting few tips or checklist that you must check on before visiting a massage center.

• Check out the environment of the body massage center where you are going to receive the therapy. Better go and pay a visit and meet your therapist well before the massage.
• Plan your day well before and take plenty of water before few days of massage.
• Do not eat anything before the therapy and do not pack your day with many other deeds as this would reduce the pleasure and post effects of massage.
• Discuss your health history with the masseuse. Either you share with your therapist personally or share it over an e-mail.
• We advise you to have a private conversation with the therapist if you have any acute health problems that need special care during the massage.
• Do not go for a massage if you are sick and if the disease is spreadable; then please do not visit the massage center.
• Do take a bath before going for the massage. Having a shower would enrich your massage experience and will make your therapist more comfortable.
• If you are a massage newbie please maintain bodily hygiene as this could improve the benefits of the massage.
• If you need any special treatment for limbs, muscles or certain body parts do communicate to your therapist. Good communication about your bodily requirements is must for a soothing and refreshing massage.

Apart from the above, go through the different types of therapies available with your body massage center. This would help you in choosing the therapy that you would require at that point of time.

The 4 States With the Most Massage Therapists Per Capita

If you want to give yourself the best opportunity to earn a living as a massage therapist, it makes since to find a place where there is high demand. After all, more customers means more business.

But at the same time, high demand for therapists also means there is a flood of therapists to take advantage of that business. The result? Places with high demand for massage services usually have the most people working in the field as well.

If you just look for states with the most massage therapists, however, you’re going to end up only with the biggest and most populated states — California, Florida and New York. That’s why to compare apples to apples, you need to look at the states with the most therapists per capita. These are the states where there are a high number of people employed in the industry relative to the number of people in the state.

The data below comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which tracks the number of people employed in the profession across the country.


Surprised? The biggest state in the nation may not be the most populated, but it takes the cake when it comes to massage therapists per person. While the state only has about 750,000 residents, it employs 770 masseuses — that’s roughly one therapist for every 1,000 residents.

Despite having the highest concentration of massage therapists, however, Alaska also offers the highest wages. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary is a staggering $85,110. That’s more than $20,000 higher than the second-place state for salary.


If you’re thinking of a state known for relaxation, then Hawaii likely comes to mind. Hawaii is a massage therapy hotbed. The state ranks 40th in population, but 2nd in massage therapists per person. With only 1.4 million residents, the state has 1,390 massage therapists. That comes out to one massage therapist for a little more than every 1,000 people.

Average salaries are also healthy. You can expect an average wage of more than $53,000 per year. Not bad for the ability to practice massage in paradise.


Another tourist mecca, there seems to be plenty of demand for massages when people come off the slopes. Colorado is home to 4,950 massage therapists, serving a population of 5.5 million. That’s roughly one therapists for every 1,100 people. However, that figure is a little misleading.

Given that so many tourists go to Colorado to enjoy the mountains and the scenery, it’s likely that many of the massages are given to out-of-state tourists.


Rounding out the top four — and the quartet of western states — is Washington. The state’s economy is booming and also home to some of the world’s most famous companies like Starbucks, Microsoft, and Amazon. Meanwhile the population continues to soar, with approximately 7.2 million residents.

The number of massage therapists is keeping pace, however. Today, 4,030 therapists work in the state, meaning there is about one therapist for every 1,800 residents. And despite that high amount of “supply,” Washington state massage therapists still earn a solid average salary of $55,920 — among the highest in the nation.

Reducing Cellulite With Cupping Massages

For anyone with cellulite, it is quite common to look for solutions that may help you deal with them in a very effective manner. Cellulite can be really annoying and it is always a great desire to get your skin back the way it was before getting affected by the cellulite. There are many recommendations that are made in ways that can be sued so as to eliminate cellulite and they include the cellulite cream, essential oils, exercise and even diet. However, sometimes it is hard to see any kind of plausible results which can be very frustrating for many people.

If you have tried all the above methods and failed, all is not lost. Cupping may be the only solution remaining to sample. Getting cupping massage may very well help you eliminate those unsightly dimples on your body and get an even toned skin that looks healthy and young.

The cupping massage

It is common knowledge that there isn’t a cure for cellulite, but using cupping may just be the Holy Grail you may be in need of. The reason why cupping comes so highly recommended is due to the fact that it is very effective and targets the root cause of the cellulite in the first place. When the matter is dealt with from the roots, then it will most definitely be solved with regular cupping sessions.

So what causes cellulite in the first place?

The culprit behind the development of cellulite is the connective tissues that are just under the skin, but not fat as most of us believe. There are various lifestyle factors that can lead to the stiffening of the connective tissues. The connective tissues are responsible for joining the muscles and the skin. When this happens, rippling of the fatty later occurs. The stiffening can be caused by different lifestyle factors as well as poor circulation and aging.

How does cupping help?

Cupping is actually a technique that was invented a long time ago and it uses some well-designed cups so as to apply some vacuum pressure on various parts of the body. Traditionally, this was a process that was used for detox and healing purposes. There are some great anti cellulite kind of benefits when done as it should and they include:

  • Helping the relaxation and stretching of the connective tissues that are just below the skin so as to increase the elasticity and reduce that dimpled cellulite appearance.
  • Blood circulation is greatly boosted and this leads to the rejuvenation and nourishment of the skin as well as all the connective tissues.
  • Lymph flow is well stimulated. This in turn helps in the removal of toxins and fluids from the tissues and this creates a smoother and sleeker appearance.

All the above are great benefits that your skin will enjoy if you do decide to try out cupping massage. There is no harm in trying. It could be just the solution you are looking for. It is however important to note that everyone has their own rate of success story. This is due to the uniqueness of our bodies and the extent of the cellulite in each individual person.

I’ve Just Had a Massage – In My House

What a strange day. I was surfing the net, as you do. What was I looking for? Oh yes – that’s it! Everything. As you do. On a Sunday. Anyway, I somehow got to massage. Just as I typed that, I realised what you would be thinking. No. Honestly. I really was looking at massage. My elbows have been hurting for years. As well as my knees, and my ankle. My back however, is fine, it’s as strong as an ox. In another life I used to be a carpet fitter. Three months ago now I started a new job, as a delivery driver.

I like my new job. More money, less work, lighter work, fewer hours. It’s great. So, as I see it, a new beginning. A new life. Friends have even told me that I am a lot more cheerful. I have even started to eat healthier. So it makes total sense to finally get rid of these old aches and pains.

I came across massage therapists, reiki, and of course, escort services. What was strange, was a site telling me that they would come to my address. They will relieve the stresses and strains in my home. I don’t even have to leave the house. Maybe, I’m on the wrong site? No. Nothing looks seedy. I now take my time, and read everything on the screen. A massage in my own home, sounds fantastic.

I pick up the phone, and call. The ringing goes on for a minute. I feel really nervous. I’ve even rehearsed what I was going to say. I’m so stupid. Why am I nervous? It’s only a massage. “Hello, Mobile Massage, this is Graham speaking.” Whaaaat? It’s a bloke! A deep voiced bloke. That totally threw me. I stammered. “Er, Err, I want a massage.” To be honest, I can’t remember much more, except that I sounded like an idiot. But Graham sounded cool, and reassuring. By the end of the call, I was already relieved. I laughed and cringed at myself. Anyway, ‘Graham’ is coming round tomorrow at 6.30. That gives me time to get home from work, and shower, he said not to eat. Not before the massage.

All day, I’ve been thinking about Graham and my massage. For obvious reasons, I haven’t told anyone. What would I say? I laughed again at myself. My strange little secret. I planned a nice routine. Shower, massage, then a video and take away. Bliss.

I’m nervous again. I’m on my way home. I have plenty of time. I did the house work yesterday, as soon as I had spoken to Graham on the phone. I didn’t want to stress myself, or start sweating, before the massage. That would be gross. And embarrassing. Sweaty, in a dirty house. Not good.

I got home an hour ago. I’ve been rearranging my furniture. I have now decided that I would like the massage in the living room. He said he had a massage table, so that I could lie in comfort. All he needed was enough room to walk around me when giving the massage. I’ve also opened all the windows, and polished my computer. What’s the time? 5 minutes! Shit! Do I smell? Have I started sweating? I smell my armpits. I think I’m okay. No. I am okay. Just chill out. I start some breathing exercises.

‘Ding!’ That’s the door. Quick look in the mirror. I look good. I smell okay. Well, I don’t smell. Room looks fine. I open the door. ‘Ah hello there. I’m Graham.’ Graham a tall man with a very deep voice, and an athletic build. Again he has a very calm and reassuring manner, that I noticed on the phone.

He takes no notice of the house as he follows me to the living room. I offer a drink, and he asks for a glass of water. He then leads the discussion, asking me questions about my lifestyle. What I am expecting, and hoping to get from this session. I start thinking about my direction in life. He wasn’t being nosey. It’s just that his questions triggered my thoughts. At any rate, I was excited.

Graham had a CD player, which he turned on and played some trance music. He then excused himself to the bathroom, so that he could wash his arms. I was told to get undressed, down to my underwear, and then to lie down on his table, with his towel spread over me. It was a very strange day. He came into the room, and immediately started the massage therapy session.

About 10 seconds into the massage, I was totally immersed.

At the end of the massage, I was asked to sit up, very, very slowly. He got a glass of water for me. I was thirsty. He left me to think in silence, and get dressed. After a moment, as he packed his equipment, he asked how I felt. I could tell he was listening very hard at my answers. I didn’t expect the conversations before and after the therapy, But I felt that they were part of the process. I also really enjoyed them. They gave me a lot to think about.

There is something very humbling about having a stranger taking control of your body, but at the same time respecting your privacy. And doing wonders for your sense of well-being. I felt fantastic! I felt a lot of gratitude.

I made a booking for the next month straight away. I am not going to deny my body this necessity again. This is a necessity, not a luxury. My posture is better. My skin looks healthier. My elbows feel almost perfect. My knees feel a lot better. And my ankle is completely fixed. Even though, I go to the gym regularly, the massage adds another dimension of health. Luckily, it’s an easy habit to keep up, because all I have to do is pick up the phone, and the massage will come to me.